Bacterial Vaginitis

A vaginal condition that results in an increase of vaginal discharge due to an overgrowth of the normal bacteria of the vagina is known as bacterial vaginitis. The amount of vaginal discharge differs from woman to woman. Some women have more vaginal discharges than others which also make it difficult to determine which amount of vaginal discharges might be related with bacterial vaginitis.

This condition was known as Gardnerella vaginitis in the past because it was commonly thought that the Gardnerella bacteria was the cause of this condition but later on scientist found out that there many different species of bacteria that live in the vagina might overgrow and result in this condition. So the Gardnerella bacteria are therefore not the only bacteria of the vaginal area that is responsible for this condition. The basic process is that an overgrowth in different bacteria results in vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor.

Having sex partner unusual from the normal one or having several of such partners can be a great pathway to contracting the infection. Experts also consider douching to be one of the causes as well. Women who have not engaged in any sexual intercourse can equally be affected by Bacterial vaginosis. Abnormal discharge is a sure sign of the infection in women. Some also produce a fishy-smell after sexual union. The discharge has varying appearance from being white to gray. These are as per experts’ reports. Most women with this infection register no symptoms. This is very sad. The infection is said to increase a woman’s susceptibility to other STD’s such as Chlamydia, herpes and HIV among others.

Bacterial vaginitis is however not a dangerous condition but there are a number of way in which it can affect a woman. Click here for help with that. If a woman notices that she has vaginal discharge that stinks, she needs to have herself examined by a doctor as soon as possible because it might be bacterial vaginits which will not harm her but it might also be more serious infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Sometimes a yeast infection or trichomoniasis which is a sexually transmitted infection also results in vaginal discharge with a bad odor. This is why she is required to see a doctor immediately because it might be one of these other conditions that might have harmful effects on her and her unborn child if she is pregnant.

The real cause of bacterial vaginitis is difficult for researchers to figure out since that this condition is cause by a combination of several bacteria’s in the vagina. What does result in this condition is a reduction of the lactobacilli in the vagina which is the normally hydrogen peroxide producing bacteria of the vaginal areas. There is also an increase of the anaerobic bacteria which grows in the absence of oxygen. Together with other bacteria at work, the condition known as bacterial vaginitis results. It still remains unknown why this condition is caused by a combination of bacteria and not just one type of bacteria as was earlier believed.

Some factors such as a new sexual partner, the use of intrauterine devices for the purpose of contraception, the use of antibiotic, vaginal douching, and cigarette smoking might increases a woman’s chances for developing vaginitis.

Bacteria vaginitis is very common in women who have sexually transmitted diseases. Approximately sixty percent of women with sexually transmitted diseases will also have bacterial vaginitis. It can also be found in pregnant women. Studies have shown that about sixteen percent of pregnant women have this condition.

Approximately eighty five percent of women who have bacterial vaginitis do not display any symptoms other than vaginal discharges with an unpleasant odor. This is because bad smelling vaginal discharges is the primary symptom of bacterial vaginitis. This makes it difficult for women to know if they are infect or not because most women view vaginal discharges as normal and if there is a bad odor, they try to convince themselves that it is normally for vaginal discharges to have a bad smell. They just need to accept this; this however is the wrong mentality.

If you area woman and you notice that your vaginal discharge has increased and is accompanied by a bad fishy smell, it is quite possible that you are infected and should see the doctor very soon. Vaginal discharge resulting from bacterial vaginitis normally has a gray or a strange color and is more noticeable after sexual intercourse. This is why no matter the amount and the color of vaginal discharges, if a woman notices that her vaginal discharges changed from having no odor to having a strong fishy odor, she should consult a doctor immediately.