BV Treatments

When balance of the bacteria is suddenly disturbed by a changed and an abnormal growth of anaerobic bacteria in the vaginal areas it creates a condition which has been coined as Bacterial Vaginosis. These could be a disrupted growth of Gradnerella vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis, Fusobacterium species, Mobiluncus species or Prevotella species.

These generally occur to women who are in the fertile ages and even above. Vagina is the softest and most sensitive part of a female. The human vaginal health is sensitive to a number of factors. The significant one is primarily the degree of acidity of the vagina. If the acidity level is not within the desired range, there would be an imbalance of micro-organisms that grow inside the vagina, which eventually leads to Bacterial Vaginosis. Its very important to understand as to what causes such situation in order to undergo the BV treatment since usually women are shy about discussing these issues or going to doctor.

The pH level of the vagina is the ruling factor in these scenarios i.e. is the acidity in the vagina. If the acidity increases it curbs the growth of the good bacteria and harmful one starts multiplying which leads to bad odors, irritation and other complication. So the best methodologies that are deployed for BV treatments actually work towards either killing or eliminating the harmful bacteria which help to maintain the levels of acidity with in the impact acceptable limits. Another way is to make the acidity level come down where it would be impossible for the bacteria to breed in.

Generally the BV treatment is overlooked being considered as a minor or a mild problem. But it could be dangerous even causing transmission of HIV virus. It becomes more severe and the need to treat it becomes necessary when women have to undergo any uterus treatment that will lead to a situation of BV or when she is pregnant.

The most common BV treatment can be done in number of ways. This could be convectional in terms of antibiotics, gels or it could be natural or herbal and it could even be in form of home remedies. Few of this which could be mentioned here are Metronidazole (tablets taken for five days). This could lead to nausea, stomach upset and an unusual taste in the mouth. Alcohol should be avoided in these scenarios as the hangovers would be severing because of the effect of the medicine. Dozes are to be taken after meals.

Single dozes are available in form of Tinidazole or creams are available in the pharmacy like Clindamycin, Aci-jel etc. There are few herbal products also available for the cure.

BV treatments are not always fool proof approach as there could be several instances when there could be recurrences of BV which is quiet common. Lot of women complains about this and around 70% women experiences recurrences. It has been observed that women who have regularly or even recently undergone BV treatment, sooner or later experience the recurrences no matter what kind of treatment they have undergone.

Maintaining good hygiene and regularly practicing natural methods to keep the acidity in the vaginal areas low would be helpful in the long run and will also help in reducing the recurrences instances. Natural products could also provide an effective and a less expensive way of BV treatments. This could be by applying yoghurts, apple cedar vinegars and please avoid the flavored ones.

Its also preferred to take the natural herbal treatments that are available with the pharms these days as they are far more effective and have lesser side effects. So when you deal with such sensitive issue you would like to work upon something which is more reliable and less risky.

So, BV treatments should not only be taken in time but one most also use good judgement about the treatment you opt for. Here is a great natural remedy. So the choice of treatment now lies in your hand based on how much a method is effective on you and how much you trust on the same. Do take advices of doctor, friends and people around who have dealt with similar senarios.