Causes of BV

In the event that you have contracted BV, it is important that you consider talking to your physician as regards how you contracted the disease, and most importantly, how to deal with it and to manage it. There are two major ways through which you can contract b, the first one being through sexual intercourse, while the other is through the regeneration and infection by harmful bacteria.

BV is actually a very disturbing disease to have around, and it can cause you to lose focus on what you are doing due to the highly distractive nature of its symptoms. Though these are the most common ways through which BV is propagated in the body, there is one other method which a lot of people are not aware of. This is through the alteration in the pH levels in the woman’s body.

The pH level in the body is always in a state of balance, and in the event that this balance is disrupted, there are chances that the reactions that develop as a result could lead to the eventual infection of the vaginal area by BV. Let us take some time and actually get to know how this happens. The most important thing is to understand how this imbalance in pH levels comes about. In the body, there are microorganisms that are known as the lactobacillus.

The work of the lactobacillus is to make sure that the vaginal bacteria do not go on to reach anomalous levels in the body. In the event that the body somehow fails to produce these microorganisms, then BV might result since there is nothing to stop the bacteria from spreading throughout the body. These are some of the main scientifically explainable causes of BV.

However, the list does not stop there. There are lots of other causes of BV that we do know about, but we do not really believe that this can be possible. Some of these are as a result of our daily activities, which we might or might not be aware of. During the summertime, there are so many women who take their time to go to the beaches in their swim wear.

However, very few of the women are ever aware that some of these swim wear are actually agents towards the propagation of BV, most notably, the use of thongs. Though thongs are not entirely restricted to the beaches, there are so many women who wear them these days as an alternative to the normal panties.

What we fail to realize is that the moment the thong keeps rubbing against the vagina repeatedly for a long period of time there are high chances of you developing BV. Therefore, even though it is good and actually encouraged to put on thongs as a way of expressing yourself, it is also important that you exercise some caution as to the ways and number of times through which you will have the thongs on, so that you can actually keep yourself safe from contracting BV.

There has always been a misconception that if you have multiple sex partners, you might develop BV. The truth behind this statement is rather elusive, though there might be some facts in it. However, there is no need to try and gamble on it since you might end up not getting BV, but something more serious like HIV.

However, it has been reported in the recent past that the women who have been sexually active from the ages of 15 through to their 40s have a high chance of developing BV, especially in the event that they have sex with someone who is not their regular partner. It is therefore important to mention clearly that the misconception about getting BV from sleeping around does not hold.

All that you need to know is that in the event of a change of sex partners then you might be at risk.