One of the most intriguing questions that have been disturbing so many people about bacterial vaginosis is whether there is a connection between the infection and sexual partners. The mere fact that BV is an infection that affects the vagina makes a lot of people believe that it is something that can be transmitted sexually.

There are so many views as regards this subject, though by the end of the day, all roads lead to one thing, being open minded and taking good care of yourself. It is common sense that you need to make sure that you have as few sexual partners as possible, and more so, to know whatever their medical status is.

Though this might not really be related to BV, it could come in handy since there are a lot of other dangerous infections out there that could wipe you out faster than bacterial vaginosis can stress you up. It is worth noting that safe sexual practices will not only help you in avoiding the contraction of vaginosis, but it also safeguards you from a lot of other diseases like HIV and gonorrhea.

In the event that you are sexually active and actually have lots of sexual partners, you are greatly at risk of contracting vaginosis. This is because there are a lot of bacterial infections that you could contract in the course of your sexual exploits. However, it should not be assumed that these are the only women who are at risk of contracting BV.

As a matter of fact, there are so many virgins who have been treated with vaginosis in the recent past. Besides them, there are also a lot of women who have a rather inactive sexual life who also have managed to come across vaginosis, and been treated for it. Therefore, this sheds light on the fact that BV is not really an STI as most of us would like to think about it.

So how does having many sexual partners increase your chances of having vaginosis? This is very easy to explain. The nature of the vagina is such that the composition of its surroundings is usually slightly acidic. However, the male semen is usually alkaline in nature. Acid-alkaline combinations usually result in the alteration of the chemical composition of the resultant mixture.

In better terms, the pH of the resulting mixture is slightly imbalanced. Due to the different substances that people eat, the semen from different men has different alkaline composition. Because of this, coming into contact with lots of men would mean that you come into contact with so many different types of alkaline components, which as a result will definitely alter the pH level in your vagina.

In the event that the natural balance in the vagina is disturbed, the composition of the good bacteria in the vagina will also be disturbed, and as such this leads to BV. Therefore, this is proof enough that vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted infection, since there is no transmission of infected fluids from one partner to the other, just the reaction of different chemical compositions which in the long run tip off the acidic balance in the vagina.

Now that we have clarified this, there are some other preventive measures that you can consider. Most importantly, in the event that you are infected by BV, you need to make sure that you engage in abstinence as much as you can. This is because it is an easier way of making sure that you do not make things worse, or spread the infection further. However, this should not be seen as a way of keeping vaginosis away.

In the event that you use sex toys, it is important for you to make sure that you do not share them with anyone. If you share with someone who has vaginosis, then you can be sure that you will definitely get infected too. However, if you have to share, make sure that you sterilize the toy after use.